If you’re thinking about redecorating a neutral room in your home but you’re not sure where to start, this guide is for you. When it comes to spicing up a neutral colour palette, several key design techniques will make the room feel warm and welcoming without overwhelming the space. In this post, we’ve listed six of the best ways to update a neutral palette and take it from uninspiringto full of personality.

1. Use Wood to Add Warmth

If your decor is mostly creams, beiges, and whites, a well-placed piece of wood furniture instantly adds warmth to the space. This could be a coffee table, side cabinet, TV unit, or even gorgeous chunky shelves if you have the space.

Wood furniture not only adds a touch of warmth but also adds interest and gives a neutral space personality.

Foundry collection sideboard adds warmth to a cream interior.

2. Add splashes of muted tones

Bright, bold colours can easily look out of place in a neutral scheme. However, muted tones look fantastic and draw the eye around the room. Some of our favourites are sage green, blush pink, or soft blue.

Small accents of colour are all you need to make a big impact. To get started, pick one to two tones and add in throw pillows, ornaments, or even an accent chair.

3. Choose an area rug

Area rugs are a beautiful way to spice up neutral decor. A bold pattern or pop of colour draws the eye and gives a neutral room a focal point.

Make sure to get the size right. If you’re putting the rug in a living area, it should be large enough to accommodate the sofa and dining table. On the other hand, in a dining room, it should comfortably fit the dining table and chairs to centre the space.

Area a rug defines the space in a living room.

4. Incorporate metallics

Metallic decor is a timeless trend that never goes out of style. Gold light fixtures or metallic ornaments give a strong impact without the need for bright colours. If you do add metallic elements, make sure to add several to tie them together.

Chrome, copper, gold or silver hardware, light fixtures, and accessories around the room look stunning and give a modern touch.

5. Add quirky accent pieces

It’s not just colours and patterns that can spice up a neutral colour palette, unique accent pieces easily add style and interest, no matter the colour. This is also something that can be easily customised to your personal style.

Choose one interesting piece such as a gorgeous lamp or ornament that will immediately draw attention when guests arrive. 

Bee lamp and peering animal accent pieces in front of a feature mirror.

6. Choose leathers and velvets

Luxurious textiles such as leathers and velvets are the perfect way to make a neutral room more inviting. To make a bold statement, a leather or velvet sofa will ground the space in an otherwise neutral colour palette. For something on a smaller scale, velvet throws or leather footstools also give a big impact and add some much-needed warmth.

Spice up your neutral palette with ease

If you’re struggling to find the right pieces for your neutral room, we have a huge selection of warm, interesting pieces at Auburn Fox. From sumptuous velvet and leather sofas, to unique accent pieces to help you show off your personality, we’ve made it effortless to style any room of your home.