Summer has nearly passed us by and so it’s time to bring out those big fluffy throws and snuggly cushions. Now I know you’ll hate me for saying this but Christmas is just around the corner and with the change in seasons comes a change in colour pallet.

Interior design follows fashion when it comes to colour trends and what is bigger than New York Fashion Week? The colours that we saw there in February are now starting to make their appearance in interior design. In February the Autumn/Winter 19 colour trends published by Pantone for the fashion industry reported 12 stand out colours for the upcoming season.

Core colours include the ever popular elegant grey, creamy white, deep dark blue and an enriched green. These core colours coupled with the stand out colours create the versatile and creative pallet which we can now see starting to creep into the season. 

Adding drama and excitement to the pallet is Chilli pepper red, extroverted pink, sharp yellow/orange, bold orange tiger and forest green. Whilst, blue stone, galaxy blue, peach pink and creme de peche bring softer tones. 

The last three colours on our Autumn/Winter 19 pallet are typical Autumnal colours that you would find in nature at this time of year. Beautiful biking red, rocky road as a solid brown and sugar almond remind me of the fallen leaves on those crisp Autumn walks. 

We are expected to see these colours all the way through Christmas with chilli pepper red and forest green being traditional Christmas colour tones.

We’ve selected some of our existing range that are bang up to date for the upcoming season so you can get a better idea of how to use real life furniture to stay on trend.


That’s all for now, until next time,