With the kids back to school and the house finally quiet again, it’s time to give it the refresh it deserves after an overcrowded summer! From your living space to your home office, we have just the tips to help give your home a little love.

Home Office

For those who now work from home or opting for a hybrid between home and office, September is a great time to give your office a bit of a refresh and channel that back-to-school feeling.

You’ll be surprised how much the small things can make a difference. Whatever your style, sometimes just swapping your standard desk accessories for something a little more fun can make you look forward to getting back to work each morning.

Plants can be the perfect addition to help connect with the outside world whilst sat at your desk. Not only can they be low maintenance accessory, but they are known to have many calming properties making them perfect for those stressful days at work!

We have some fantastic products to freshen up the feel of your home office, from desks and chairs to all your essential accessories.

home office

Gallery Wall

Another great way to spruce up your home this month is to create a gallery wall. These are so easy to do and makes a room feel twice as big. This even creates the opportunity to display lots of fun family memories.

gallery wall

Soft Furnishings

As we start to think about Autumn and colder months, there’s no better time to update your furniture and turn your living areas into a cosy nest of joy. This is where you can look to update your soft furnishings.

Creating a warm and cosy setting within your home often involves decorating furniture with soft cushions, throws and blankets. Here at Auburn Fox, we have a new range of soft furnishings, just what you need to add the finishing touches to your home refresh.

soft furnishings

Dining Sets

As we move away from garden gatherings and restart Saturday night dine with me gatherings, this is a fantastic time to give your dining set a deserved refresh. Dining tables are imperative as they are at the heart of every home and the main hub at the start and end of the day.

They're multi-functional and perfect for family meals, hosting parties or even using it as a working area. Basically, everything besides sleeping! Your dining table is essential for turning your house into a home so freshening it up could have a significant impact on the feel of your home.

Here at Auburn Fox, we have a range of new sets just waiting to be used for those dinner parties.

dining sets

Living Room

The sofa is the centre piece in your living room, and therefore it is essential for creating the perfect, comfortable living space. What's the point in having a living room if there's nowhere comfortable to sit? After all, we spend a lot more time on the sofa during the colder months, so this is the perfect back-to-school refresh.

When choosing your sofa, you'll need to take size into consideration and be sure to measure your living room beforehand, so you know just what size sofa you'll be able to purchase. It’s important to spend time researching the right sofa for your home as there are many options from large corner sofas to compact 2 seaters to love seats.

We stock a range of sofa styles in our shop in Thrapston, so if you find one online that’s of interest, don’t hesitate to pop into store to test it out.

sofa refresh