Making it?

The struggle is real! Anyone who has dipped their toe into the retail industry will know, it’s not easy being the little fish. More specifically it’s not easy being a salmon. A tiny salmon swimming up stream against a raging torrent of minimum order quantities and delivery charges. The torrent isn’t the only issue a salmon faces, as I look left and right with my googley fish eyes, I can see other salmon. Thousands of salmon all trying to achieve the same thing. Ok here comes the spoiler alert. Once the salmon reach the top of the river, well yeah they spawn, but we’ll skip over that detail and continue with the metaphor because my spawning days are behind me. So anyway, after they spawn most of them die. They have a half price closing down sale, mist up the windows and die. The life cycle then starts again and another budding retailer/salmon will commence the mammoth task.

Don’t worry we’re not about to have a closing down sale or go to a watery grave, but how do we make sure our future isn’t like that of the salmon? How do we succeed where so many small businesses and indeed large businesses have failed?

The answer, well, we’re not sure but at the moment I think our success is down to being different from the shoal. We try to offer a personal touch that lets customers know that we’re always here and that they can easily get in contact in the unlikely event of a problem. Being accessible is such a valuable commodity with businesses these days, it’s rare you can speak to anyone without talking to a machine first or waiting on hold being forced to listen to Mozart’s symphony no.41 in c major for half an hour. Not that there’s anything wrong with listening to my main man Wolfgang.

In the future we plan more of the same things that make us stand out, but we need to adapt, keep our ear to the ground and keep moving forward so we can bring you more of the things you do like and less of the things that you don’t.

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