Custom Headboards

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Have you ever stayed in a nice hotel and noticed how amazing the headboards are? These are almost certainly custom made as there doesn’t seem to be anything available on the domestic market that comes close to how grand and magnificent they are. 

We were contacted by the BBC recently to make some bespoke headboards for their DIY SOS television program and we were so pleased with the results that we’ve decided to include this as part of the upholstery services we offer.

Picture showing a fluted custom made headboard in emerald green velvet.

Any Size or Material

We can create a headboard to your exact specification in a design and material of your choice!

Here are some example prices for standard headboard sizes.

Plain, fluted and buttoned are all popular design styles. They’re available in the following standard sizes or to your specification.

Table of standard prices for custom made headboards.

•All standard headboards are 42” high including a 5” pillow stop.
•Includes House fabric in any colour.
•Fabric Upgrades Available. 
•All Headboards can either be wall mounted (recommended) or attached to your bed.
•Example prices include wall attachments or Headboard Struts.

To place a standard order or to obtain a quote for a bespoke Headboard please use the ‘contact us’ link below.