Upholstery Services

Give the piece of furniture you love a new lease of life with our personal upholstery service.

Vicky from auburn fox upholstering a wing back chair in the upholstery studio using a very colourful squared patterned fabric

So happy with our newly upholstered chairs! Thank you. - F. Davies

Upholstery is an arduous labour intensive skill that many people underestimate. It involves carefully stripping furniture right back to the frame and this can be extremely time consuming. We do not simply ‘recover’ furniture as this is improper, the results will always be substandard and this is not the kind of standard we want for our business. Upholstery is a labour of love and the extra effort to do it the right way is always worth it in the end when you see the finished result.


We will also only source fabrics that have been tested using the Martindale Test, (More commonly known as the rub test). This is to ensure that your fabric is of a quality that will make your furniture last for years to come. Ask us about your chosen fabric’s Martindale test specification.


We work closely with fabric suppliers to ensure that we source the fabric that you want at a reasonable price. Working with carefully chosen fabrics from traditional tweed to modern bold prints allows us to create the perfect finish for your home without breaking the bank.


In the UK we have some of the strictest safety standards in the world and you’ll be surprised to know that most fabrics do not meet the minimum standard set out in UK safety law. We make sure that Auburn Fox is a name you can trust by only providing furniture that meet the UK specified fire retardancy standards.

If you have a question about our upholstery service please don’t hesitate to contact us here