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Scandi Torch/Candle.
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Scandi Torch/Candle. Lifestyle image in fire bowl.
Scandi Torch/Candle. Lifestyle image burning.

Scandi Torch/Candle

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Scandinavian candles at a garden party are delightfully eye catching and also provide plenty of light and heat. Similarly, they’re perfect for on your patio or in your fire bowl and will provide warmth for your family on those beautiful twilight evenings. They burn down vertically and for that reason are more concentrated than a regular campfire. The slow burning logs provide over an hour of pleasant warmth thanks to the special way it takes up oxygen. The slow burning log burns from the inside out and will provide over an hour of warmth for your family. They will burn faster or slower depending on weather conditions. You will receive one of four colours, either red, blue, green or brown. This is only the outside colour and does not effect their use.


H-25   W-10   D-10 cm


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Did you know?

These wooden candles were used by the Scandinavian soldiers during the Thirty Year War for 1618 to 1648. They were able to turn freshly chopped pine trees into firewood thanks to the special drilling technique. This way they didn’t have to travel great distances to gather firewood for their camps.