Introducing tetrad


A sofa performs as one of the main subjects of any living space. A focal point which should radiate invitation and ooze a sense of undeniable comfort. Selecting the finest sofa can be crucial as the best examples are an extension of yourself, it has to represent you, suit your home and your personality. At Auburn Fox Home and Interiors we understand the significance your sofa holds and that’s exactly why we work with the best manufactures to produce your new sofas and armchairs.

This is where Tetrad comes in.....


Tetrad Constable Grand Sofa Blog
Tetrad Constable Grand Sofa


Established over 50 years ago, Tetrad have earned their place at the top of the hierarchy as the crème de la crème of British sofa manufacturing. Known for a superior quality with each piece meticulously handcrafted and composed of nothing less than solid engineered hardwood frames draped with elite fabrics and luxurious leather hides. Tetrad boast a diverse range of products stretching from modular and modern to vintage and velvet all of which are guaranteed to revolutionise your home. “High quality, traditional, and uniquely crafted” and we couldn’t agree more.

Tetrad Nairn Armchair Union Jack Blog



British Made means more undeniable benefits....

 A company whose ambition aligns with our own, to deliver an irreplaceable service of beautiful and long lasting furniture. With the Tetrad factory in Preston, Lancashire UK we can promise a reduced lead time when compared with items upholstered abroad, bringing you closer to securing your dream sofas and armchairs.


    • Elite quality control- UK regulations ensure an approved industry standard that may not be attainable overseas.


    • Made in the UK- This also means that we have the freedom to communicate fluidly and regularly with our suppliers.


    • Reduced carbon footprint- with an eye for sustainability, we value the fact that our products have less miles on the clock.

    Tetrad Constable Wing Chair 




    So where next?

    Your dream Tetrad sofa is currently available to purchase from our high street store in Thrapston, Northamptonshire, where a team member will be delighted to assist you in discovering your perfect Tetrad. We have an extensive swatch book of fabrics and leathers which gives you the freedom to entirely customise your bespoke piece.


    Our range will soon be available to order online too with the ability to customise each item to your own specification. Until then, discover your very own Tetrad with the sofa and armchair builder available HERE




    Happy sofa building! We look forward to welcoming you in store soon.