Unfortunately, British summers are very unpredictable. There is no guarantee of sunshine and it’s safe to assume there will almost certainly be rain! Regardless, we're putting aside thoughts on wet weather and grey days and thinking about how we can bring that summer feeling indoors. So, even if it's not sunny outside, we can enjoy the ambience of a summery, fresh feeling interior without having to leave the house. 

Here are our top tips and some easy ways to bring that summer feeling into your home.

Soft furnishings

Consider changing up the pillows and soft furnishings in your home and bringing out some lighter tones. Even if you already have a lot of neutrals in your home, look to add a variation of texture, fabrics, and patterns to your pillows to bring out a light summer feeling.

One of the simplest summer decorating ideas is to incorporate yellow. Put away fluffy, faux fur blankets and woollen cable knit cushions and restyle sofas, chairs, and bedspreads with a splash of summer yellow. For example, try styling a lightweight throw on your favourite armchair to bring through that breezy feeling. These yellow shades will certainly bring the summer in and lighten your mood when the weather is not so bright.

Rattan touches

Rattan is great for creating an exotic, summertime feel in your home. It has an organic texture that brings rusticity to any space or room. If you don't want to completely overhaul your furniture, you can look to style rattan into your home decor instead. This could be through mirrors, hanging baskets, plant pots or lampshades. Because of its association with tropical holidays in the sunshine, rattan is a simple way to bring warmth and texture to your home in an instant.

That beach feeling

The beach and summertime go hand-in-hand. Even if you don’t live near the beach, a few things from the coast are a great way to bring summer into your home. Whether it’s through a glass bowl of pretty shells, a container of sea weights, or rope wrapped décor like candle holders. You only need a tiny splash of the sea to bring that summer season into your home. 

Summer colours

According to colour psychology, yellow symbolises energy, happiness, optimism, and joy. It is also associated with the sun, making the colour yellow a perfect summer decorating idea. The best bit is that citrus tones of yellow can be incorporated into your home with just a few simple home decor additions. You can look to swap vases and candle holders for summery yellow colours that you can use year after year. Or, bring summer in using a faux lemon tree, while creating an exotic feel reminiscent of an Italian villa.

Similarly, if you're not a big fan of yellow, blue and white are such a classic colour combination for the summer. You can have lots of fun infusing blue and white into your home. Whether it’s through wall décor or little knick-knacks, it always does the trick of bringing in that summer feeling.

Bring nature in

Add some greenery into your home. While styling plants into your home may seem obvious, the impact of leafy foliage and green plants can often be overlooked. Natural greenery is ideal, but for a fuss-free alternative, artificial greenery works just as well. Plus, there's no need to worry about watering them!

You'll be surprised by how impactful a few simple greenery stems can be in an indoor setting. Start by adding 1 or 2 green plants, such as the popular potted succulent or hanging plant. Heighten the natural connection by using an abundance of leafy green trees and tall grass to create a botanical feel. You could even pick your own flowers or plants from your garden!

Once you bring in that blooming potted summer plant into your home, you will be hooked!

Farmhouse living

Whether you're dining in or dining alfresco, you can add a summery feel to your kitchen by updating your tableware and home décor. Wooden tableware brings through that rustic texture and establishes a subtle connection between the outside and in. From chopping boards to large serving bowls, these can be used to create a country-style display.

Similarly, ceramic pitchers in creamy colours, detailed with authentic wording can make charming centrepieces to bring that summer feeling indoors. Decorate with flowers or artificial stems that are in-keeping with the season and your home will create a warm, summer feeling.


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